Greg joins WFAN Icon Bob Salter to discuss the Penn State fiasco

Dec 27, 2011 by

Attorney Gregory Gianforcaro discussed the process of raising statute of limitations for sex crimes against children, the worst states at protecting children from sexual predators, and the Penn State/Jerry Sandusky scandal.

The Law Firm of Gregory Gianforcaro has been recognized nationally for its exceptional representation of victims of child sexual abuse.

Greg Gianforcaro has helped define a previously undefined area of law. Because it’s difficult to understand the laws regarding childhood sexual abuse cases, and because so few victims seek justice, few attorneys are experienced to deal with the legal and personal complexities of such cases.

Greg joined Salter live, in-studio on Sunday, Dec. 18th, at the WFAN studios in NYC for a full hour. Click here to find the FULL SHOW.

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