Facebook faces laswuit for using members’ images without consent

Dec 27, 2011 by

“Facebook is arguing that by joining a social network, individuals are putting themselves into the public domain,” which they are, especially when there is an agreement of terms and services that Facebook has available upon creating a personal page on the social network,’ according to litigation attorney Gregory Gianforcaro.

If the lawsuit is successful, each of the individuals who did not give consent to Facebook for the purposes of advertisement are eligible to receive a minimum of seven hundred and fifty dollars each.

While Facebook has already attempted to make defense claims stating that they were unaware of what was happening with the ads in question, these claims were dismissed. Facebook may soon find themselves without any, “friends,” in California soon enough as there was quite a large number of individual users that this lawsuit defends, potentially meaning greater fines for the social networking site. Read the FULL STORY here.

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