Childhood Sexual Abuse

The Law Office of Gregory G. Gianforcaro has been recognized nationally for its exceptional representation of victims of childhood sexual abuse.

Greg G. Gianforcaro has helped define a previously undefined area of law. Because it’s difficult to understand the laws regarding childhood sexual abuse, and because so few victims seek justice, few attorneys are experienced to deal with the legal and personal complexities of such cases.

“Victims of this abuse are a different type of client,” says Gianforcaro. “They have little in the way of expectations, but much in the way of emotional damage.”

Greg continually fights for his clients, leaving no stone unturned when trying to navigate the legal mine field that childhood sexual abuse case law is in New Jersey.

Because so many childhood sexual abuse victims take decades before they come forward many attorneys write off their cases without much effort, citing civil and criminal statutes of limitation.

Greg exhausts every opportunity to prosecute a case civilly, even — at times — lobbying legislators to change the laws to allow for new “windows” for childhood sexual abuse victims to come forward.

“Because of the delay with which victims begin to deal with these abuses, most attorneys will advise victims the statute of limitations has expired.  But that is not necessarily the case, and only an experienced childhood sexual abuse attorney can determine what limitations may or may not apply,” says Gianforcaro.

Today, Greg continues to be a leading force in the fight for the victims of childhood sexual abuse in case law as well as legislative initiative.

He has obtained two of New Jersey’s largest global settlements against the Catholic Church, one of which was the 10th largest award in New Jersey and the biggest for any sole practitioner in 2005.

Greg has also worked hard to eliminate the state’s charitable immunity protection laws, which in the past protected such institutions as the Catholic Church and the Boy Scouts of America from civil liability in abuse cases.

Thanks to his work, victims can now submit their claims without fear that those charitable entities are immune from such liability.